First you learn how to crawl, then you walk and you fall 

With every new step you don't feel so small 

Gotta get off the ground to learn how to fly 

Gotta move on, keep climbing til you touch the sky 


Uncompromising the search for your star 

You fail then you fight back and try even harder 


Don't give up, don't think you can't win in the end 

And when you break down take it higher and higher 

No limits, no mercy, go stronger and then 

Run into the flames throw your fear on the fire 

And always raise the bar 

And just when you think you're a star 

Raise the bar 


The laws of gravity are yours to break 

Defy human frailty with the chances you take 

Push yourself, test yourself and let every scar 

Be your badge of honor, remind you who you are 


The will is relentless, the struggle sublime 

The triumph euphoric, this is your time 




Raise the bar when you're losing 

Raise the bar when you win 

Raise the bar when you're all alone 

Raise the bar when the whole world's watching 

Of all the reasons why you're here today 

It's no secret that all of the sacrifice, all of the pain 

Is the biggest part of the game 




As the lights fade to black 

This is forever 

Don't ever look back