I have not had my land taken away from me 

I have not been afraid of walking down the street 

I won't pretend to ever know just how it feels to be hated 

For the color of my skin, or the country I was born in 

Or who I choose to love 


Birmingham, Charleston, history repeats Intolerance 

Erase the lines, black and white, marching through the streets of Intolerance 


I have not had my family ripped away from me 

And no religion has deprogrammed my sexuality 

And I've never been bullied or beat up because I look different, or been hated 

For someone else's sins, and a war I don't believe in 

And how I choose to pray 


The Holocaust, Bangladesh, history repeats Intolerance 

Rwanda, Bosnia, marching to the beat of Intolerance 


No politician has ever rigged the game so I can't vote 

And I've never had their divine bigotry around my throat 


America, South Africa, history repeats Intolerance 

Prejudice, ignorance, learn before you teach Intolerance 

Rebel pride, genocide, still you raise the flag of Intolerance 

Civil war, April 4, 1968 Intolerance 


When you feed Intolerance 

We bleed Intolerance 

We can't breathe when we feel the heat of Intolerance 

Hands up for the victims of the hate of Intolerance