Heroes In The Dirt

I read the news today 

You're sending more away 

Guess someone's gotta pay for all the mess you made 


Ready the fife and drum 

The saber and the gun 

Polish up the pine for the unlucky ones 


Mother flag and country is enough for you 

But would you kill your brother if I told you to 


There is no war for peace on earth 

Just more heroes in the dirt 

You don’t care, do ya 

I am just another soul 

Who doesn’t think it’s worth the toll 

But you don’t really care what I think 

Do ya


Children’s blood will spill 

All those lives unfulfilled 

All to defend the wealth, and cater to your will 


And so you roll the dice 

Ask us to pay the price 

But would you ever make the ultimate sacrifice 


Why is it up to you who lives and who will die 

In the name of God and heaven what is justified 


You will always find another enemy 

Something else to feed the war machine 

But nothing kills the pain 

Of those who died in vain