Hard Rain

Mercury is rising every day                                      (Rain keeps falling down) 

Denying it won't make it go away                            (Waves keep crashing now) 

Conceive, produce, consume, pollute, repeat        (Trees you're cutting down) 

Your mother earth is fearing her defeat                 (We are burning out) 


The threat is real, this is not a test 

You can see you're killing me 

Still you call it progress 


Yeah it feels like no one loves me anymore 

This is real time     

Save me now while we can still win this war 

It feels like no one cares if we all drown 

And it makes me cry

It's a hard hard rain that's coming down 


Once I'm dead and gone there's no rewind            (Time is running out) 

No air, no land for you at any price                         (Ice is melting down) 

Your chemicals are burning through my skin         (Winds are shifting now) 

If you poison me, nobody wins                                (This is our final round) 


My skies are black, my rivers are on fire 

And when the rain stops falling 

There will be no more survivors 


Be the poet that believes that words have the power to free us 

Be the voice that's not afraid to sing the truth and be the change 

Be the hands that hold the proof and be the eyes that see the future 

Be the hunger for survival, be the earth's savior's arrival 


Be the banker, Be the lawyer, Be the doctor, Be the soldier 

Be the privileged, Be the homeless, christian, teacher, scientist 

Driller, farmer, immigrant, democrats, republicans 

Who come together now

Come together now