Dying To Live

So no one understands you 

And you are not the most popular kid 

Bullied and shamed and with no confidence 

You say you're better off dead 


If I could sip your poison, would I understand 

And could a better friend talk you down 

Am I too caught up in my own struggle to survive 


Searching for a mother 

My father dead and gone 

All the years that I lost, I can't forgive 

I spent my whole life dying 

Until I made the choice to live 


No reason's ever good enough 

To do what you are thinking of, that's no solution 

And if you choose to leave

We won't forgive the selfishness, the finality 


Whatever hurts so much, let us help you through 


I know your problems seem too big for you 

But there are so many people in unimaginable pain 

Who fight to stay alive 


Even if the world keeps turning on me 

Even if hunger holds me down 

I will fight for every moment I can spend above ground 

I haven't come this far to give up now 

There's endless possibilities 

When you make the choice to live 


It was a rainy April morning when I heard the news 

You were gone 

If I could just erase the moment that you gave up 

I would 


But we'll go on 

Each and every one of us survivors 

Who have spent our whole lives dying 

To live