Dumb It Down

You've got great ideas 

You've got no inhibitions 

The suits are gonna tell ya 

Hey now, dumb it down 


So many less is morons 

On their 16th minute 

Rewards for being stupid 

Hey now, dumb it down 


You too could be a pop star 

Don’t matter if you can’t even sing

Enquiring minds don’t wanna know 

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing 


They’re gonna call you crazy if you innovate 

So imitate, dumb it down 

They’ll fit you with a muzzle if you instigate 

So accommodate, dumb it down 


Tune in your social network 

See who's baking cookies 

Grandma's going viral 

Hey now, dumb it down 


If God created the world 

He made His own decisions 

There was no one to tell Him 

Hey now, dumb it down 


You better not have a point of view 

Don't argue with the status quo 

The sheep feed on the non conformist 

You’re better off being a ho 


If you let the lowest common dominate 

And nominate, they'll dumb it down 

Looking for a war that you can escalate? 

Fabricate, dumb it down 


­­­So give them superficial 

Car chases, more explosions 

Here's your stable genius 

Hey now, dumb it down 


Doesn’t really pay to rehabilitate 

So medicate, dumb it down 

Better if you’re in a catatonic state 

Don’t complicate, dumb it down