Dear Mister

Dear Mister, time has run out on the violence 

So you can go now, we will hold the door 

Dear Mister, we're not tied by fear to silence 

We don't have to keep our secret anymore 


No it's not our fault, and it's not your call 

You will not ruin our reputations 

There'll be no more shame, no more shifting of the blame 

We won't have to hide the pain again 


This is my life you’ve been messin’ with 

These are my arms that you pinned to the ground 

This is my will you’ve been testing 

But you'll never hurt me 

You can't hurt me now 


Dear Mister, we don't have to be the victim 

We are stronger than we've ever been before 

Dear Mister, we are more than just a symptom 

We're the power, the survivor and the cure 


Now there's no more fear, we can dry these tears 

We don't have to live in isolation 

Now the truth is heard, and it's so much more than words 

We won't have to run from you again


You learned my secrets just to use them against me 

You earned my confidence so I would obey 

You stripped my faith until the only thing left was my pain 

My pain 


I’ll make my church from your unholy communion 

I’ll take you back to your original sin 

What about me made you think that I would just let you win 

You can't win


Time's Up