Allison Wonderland

Allison lived in a house 

Bigger than life, had it all figured out 

Swing sets and white dresses, salt water and sand 

Til the landslide buried her alive 


Allison's savior will come 

A merciful saint with her father's perception 

She prays for a mother who knows how to love 

But home is where the hurt is 


She dreams of the open road 

Someone or something to minimize the pain 

The cracks in the sidewalk, the bars on the windows 

Release her, it's time to move on 


Don't cry now, Allison Wonderland 

You can make your life your personal Disneyland 

Fly now, so what if you never land 

It's better than falling 

Cause this isolation is not what you planned 

Allison Wonderland 


Allison's chained to herself 

Her pockets are empty, her spirit is torn 

She can't eat, she can't sleep, she can't breathe, she's invisible 

Alone in her alliance 


Allison's fading away 

She doubts her existence, she's taking up space 

She runs and she runs and she runs and she lives hard 

Til she's hardly living at all 


The doors are too small and the hole is too deep 

Now she can't go back anymore 

Fights through the web of her own self destruction 

She picks herself up and moves on 


The dirt and the weeds and that big empty house 

All that's left of a world she's forgotten 

Scared to life, she erases her tracks 

Puts her star on the map and she's gone 

Close your eyes, make a wish, and move on