The internet was supposed to bring the world closer together, but with demagogues gaining power in the United States and around the world, it has become a tool to polarize us. These authoritarian leaders have attempted to change our worldview by making us fear anyone who is different than us. They have made us cynical about the possibility of change, and made us doubt the notion that any one person or small group of people can “make a difference”. Facts are now just pesky little details that get in the way of their agenda. So they use myths and conspiracy theories to sell their prejudices and claim that everything used to be better, and that there are problems that only they can solve. 

And that leaves the rest of us thinking that we have no control over what we perceive as unfair, or unjust. So if we sit idly by and watch, we can get numb to the injustices, rationalize them, or worse yet, accept them as inevitable – which leaves us feeling like powerless spectators. 


Here at ACTNOW, we know that apathy is fodder for autocrats and dictators. 

So we want to use the power of the internet to bring people back together to take action to resist this attempted eradication of liberal democracy. 

In peaceful protest we will bring together musicians, rappers, poets, authors, comedians, satirists, bloggers, podcasters, photographers, videographers, filmmakers, directors, actors, painters, cartoonists, sculptors, graffiti artists, inventors, innovators... 

We will feature their art not only illustrating the problems, but also what can be done about it . 

Our goal is to collaborate with you - our artists and subscribers, to join forces worldwide in order to build a resistance movement to fight back against tyranny. The harder these leaders try to silence dissent, the louder we all need to speak out to stop them. 

To the artist - We believe in inclusive creative activism. Together, we are the solution. No one person is going to change this. We want to inspire people to use whatever talents they possess to effect change, and to help those who are suffering the most under these repressive regimes. 

To the subscriber - We want to give you a place to go when you feel isolated, or helpless during a bad news cycle. A place where you can be both entertained and informed. And if you would like to be a patron to any of our artists, we will connect you. 

To everyone – we will forward a portion of your membership fee and any donations you would like to make to the organization or charity of your choice. 

And most importantly, we aim to inspire people to vote. 


People create art not only to entertain, but to communicate. No matter what form of art that is, it can inform while it is entertaining. Creative activism is always saying something to you. 

We believe that all people should be activists, and they need to understand the issues so that they don't act or vote against their own interests, and that of the planet. 

This is especially true of young people (millennials). But they are traditionally the hardest demographic to reach. It's been proven in numerous studies that the best way to reach them is through entertainment. Their generation needs it's own Woodstock Nation, where music proved itself to be a unifying force - the influence and power of the music of the counterculture of the 60's and 70's was undeniable. 

Art has always had an important role to play in cultural progress. Music and cultural activism influenced policy and brought about change, especially in the civil rights movement. This is why conservatives in the United States like to say “Shut up and sing” to musicians who sing about social causes, or as a Fox News pundit recently said to LeBron James when he talked politics - “Shut up and dribble”. 

The arts have also proven itself to be a common ground between diverse people and cultures. 

We believe that the atmosphere is ripe for artists of all kinds to make a difference again. 


First and foremost, we believe in peaceful protest. Violent, obscene, or otherwise disturbing images can have a negative effect on people who are already traumatized by what they see in their everyday lives. 

We aim to be an antidote to the negativity. We want to engage, guide and inspire our audience and leave them hopeful. Artistic piece by artistic piece, we want to build this movement and fight back against injustice, intolerance, inequality etc. 

Whatever you perceive to be wrong with the world, put that into your art and we will be your platform to be seen and heard. 

But we also would like to see your artistic solutions to the problem. Creative content that paints a positive picture of the world, or what the world could be without these injustices. Content that says the world is a good place, that people can be trusted, that diversity is better than the familiar, etc. 

For example - The Youngbloods paean to universal brotherhood - “Get Together” - was just as important to the counterculture movement as was Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young's “Ohio”, which was written about the Kent State massacres. 

In other words, the idyllic hippie worldview is not only welcome, but encouraged. 


You can join our cause by becoming a member for whatever amount you can pay. 

By becoming a member, you do more than just support the movement. You will also get a year of the best creative content that keeps you abreast of the issues, and what is being done about them and what we all can do to solve the problems. 

Collectively, there's a lot of issues to explore - we invite you to contribute your expertise and share your experience. We invite feedback from members to make our art better. To us, you're not just a consumer, but a contributor. You can help our artists decide what we focus on, and how it’s made. 

Artists are always seeking feedback and interaction with their fans – now you'll have a direct line to them, and be an integral part of what they create. Our artists will join forces with you to launch an international movement. We aim to include our members in every facet of our artists' creative endeavors, in a universal exchange of ideas 

Also, if you have the resources to donate to the cause, we will guide you to where you can contribute, as we partner with the leading organizations in the resistance. You choose where every dollar you donate goes, including your membership fee. 

We also encourage you to share everything you like from our artists with your friends and social media contacts. This will help promote the myriad of causes we support and the artists themselves. 

Let's start building a movement for a radically different world together.